Misono Chef Knives

Misono Japanese Kitchen Knives


Misono knives are widely recognized for their precision and quality, blending traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern technology. Misono knives are favored by professional chefs for their sharpness, durability and ergonomic design, ensuring efficiency and comfort in the kitchen.

Misono has been providing chefs with high quality Western-inspired Japanese knives since the mid-20th century. 

The high-precision, durable kitchen knives are hand-crafted in Seki City, which was initially the capital for sword-making for centuries. 

The city is now known for the quality of their Western-hybrid chefs’ knives. 

Unlike other knife makers who outsource making various parts of the knife to specialized manufacturers, Misono makes one hundred percent of their knives in-house. 

The attention to detail, combined with a mixture of time-tested techniques and the latest technology, gives Misono knives a place among the best Western-style knives made in Japan.  

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Misono Knives are great for professional use or the home cook looking to upgrade their collection of cutlery. Select from different lengths and shapes including gyuto, sujihiki, santoku knives, and more.

Experience the precision and beauty of a Misono Japanese chef knife by ordering one today!