Yanagi & Kiritsuke Knives

Yanagi & Kiritsuke Knives for Sale

Yanagi and kiritsuke Japanese chef knives are great for slicing fish and meat with precision.  

Traditionally, professional chefs used these Japanese knives to thinly slice fish for sushi and sashimi, but they can be used for other meats that require a precise edge as well. 

Expert blacksmiths forged these sharp, thin blades  from Japanese steel, allowing them to slice smoothly without damaging your ingredients. 

Additionally, they have beautiful handles made from high-quality woods, such as maple, magnolia and ebony. 

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Add a beautiful kiritsuke or yanagi knife to your cutlery collection today. The perfect combination of durability and functionality will make them a valuable addition to your cookware. Shop our wide selection of artisan yanagi and kiritsuke knives now!


  • What is a Kiritsuke used for? A kiritsuke is perfect for slicing raw fish for crudo or sashimi.  It can also be used on beef for carpaccio.
  • Why is Kiritsuke difficult to use? A kiritsuke is single edged, so the technique is a little different from your average knife, but can easily be mastered with practice.
  • What is the difference between Bunka and Kiritsuke? A bunka has a wider blade than a kiritsuke and is more of an all purpose blade.  Although kiritsuke can be used for many purposes, they are ideal for cutting raw proteins. Bunka knives are also typically double-edged, whereas Kiritsuke are single-edge knives.
  • Are Kiritsuke good? With a bit of practice a kiritsuke is a very high performing knife. Traditionally it is reserved for use by the executive chef in a Japanese restaurant kitchen.