Large Orders & Kitchen Openings

Bulk & Wholesale Japanese Chefs Knives and Kitchenware for Commercial Kitchens

Opening a new restaurant or culinary project? Take advantage of our opening order service for special discounts! In addition to high-quality Japanese kitchen knives, we specialize in all kinds of kitchen equipment, small tools, and Japanese style tableware.

Why Choose Our Knives?

The precision and craftsmanship of Japanese chef knives is unmatched. The superior sharpness, edge retention and longevity make Japanese knives the top choice for high performance restaurant kitchens. More and more kitchens are taking the burden off of young cooks to show up with a high quality kit by providing the tools needed to do their jobs.

Whether VG10 damascus, high carbon steel, Aogami or stainless steel, we can help choose the right knives for your kitchen.


From all-purpose styles like Santoku knives, gyutos and petties, to more specialized items like yanagiba, deba and nakiri knives, ensure your cooks are getting the best result from the right tool for the job.

Different Knife Types and Styles

Chef Knife / Gyutou : The perfect chef knife for a wide range of kitchen tasks.

Santoku Knife: The multi-purpose nature of the santoku.

Nakiri Knife: Best for vegetable chopping, see also bunka and usuba knives.

Kiritsuke: A hybrid knife combining features of a chef’s knife and a slicer.

Cleaver: A Japanese made chinese cleaver for a wide range of vegetable work.

Petty + Paring Knives: Utility knives for detailed cutting and smaller ingredients.

Slicer and Sujihiki: For thinly slicing roasting and raw meat and fish for sashimi and sushi preparations.

Deba: For butchering fish.

Other Items!

Stainless Mise en Place: Yakumi pans are the ideal solution for mise en place and getting ingredients organized for service. Made in Japan from high quality stainless steel, these pans are durable and will hold up to any kitchen environment. The pans are removable for easy cleaning, are dishwasher safe and can be combined with full size or half size pans for a flexible mise en place setup. Also available - resting trays with optional nets, stackable containers, tare pots and more.

Vegetable Slicers and Graters: All the tools needed to creates ribbons and sheets (katsuramuki) of vegetables for sushi and other preparations.

Small tools: Shop our large collection of fish scalers, bone tweezers, sauce brushes, kitchen shears, peelers, cooking chopsticks, plating chopsticks, plating tweezers and more. The best of time tested
Cutting Boards: High quality Japanese made cutting boards are designed to reduce the impact of the knife on the cutting board, resulting in longer edge life. We offer several lines in various sizes, easy to sanitize and ideal for both home and restaurant use.

Japanese Grilling: Yakitori Barbecue Konroes, charcoal starters, sauce pots and more!

Wooden Utensils: Our beautiful Japanese wood grain spoons and forks are made from sustainable, high quality Indonesian hardwood with a high end food grade finish.  A popular choice for high end restaurant place settings the world over.

Custom Orders: If you are looking for something that you don’t see get in touch. We have access to the very best in Japanese tableware, china and more.

How it works

Large order discounts are as follows: 10% off orders of $1000, 15% off $2500 and 20% off orders of  $5000 or more. 

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