Chubo's Corporate Gifting Program

Japanese Knives for Corporate Gifts

Handcrafted artisan made knives make a thoughtful, useful gift for a wide range of situations.  In business, a knife that is beautiful and useful is the perfect gift to show appreciation for partners, clients and employees. 
Our gift program includes free gift wrap, the inclusion of a personalized message and  tiered discounting based on the size of the order.


Some occasions where we have worked together with our clients to provide large order so gifts include the following:

  • Gifts between business partners are a great way to show appreciation for introducing new clients, referring business or commemorating closing a deal. 
  • Employee Gifts - We work with chefs and professional kitchens to gift knives for interns, cooks and other staff members.  
  • Holidays are a great time to gift knives, as well as at the end of the season or completion of an internship.
  • To say thank you - A good quality knife can instill pride and help team building, recognize accomplishments such as certifications, awards or employee of the month.
  • Marketing and events - Knives are a great gift for participants and volunteers in charity events, fundraisers, galas or conferences.  Learn more about  engraving below.

Features & Options

We offer laser engraving on a number of knife collections including Chubo, Glestain, Kazan, Kitaoka, Makoto, Masamoto, Matsubara, Misono, Sakai Takayuki, Shibata, Takamura, and Yu Kurosaki.   Engraving starts at $15 per knife with discounts available on large orders.  

Large order discounts are as follows: 10% off orders of $1000, 15% off $2500 and 20% off orders of  $5000 or more. 

We offer complimentary gift wrapping using our custom designed Chubo Branded graphic wrapping paper. 

Quality guarantee - All of our products offer a lifetime warranty for product defects.

What Makes Them Special

Japanese knives are world renowned for their sharpness and ability to hold an edge.  Professional chefs choose Japanese knives because their performance is unbeatable. All of our products are designed to stand up to the rigors of a professional kitchen.  Choose from a wide range of steel types, blade shapes, finishes and handing. 

Our Customers

Our most common large gift orders come from restaurant and hotel groups, as well as kitchen and appliance suppliers. We also make custom orders for Fortune 500 companies, real estate agents for  house closings, and financial institutions.


  • What is the turnaround time? Turnaround time varies depending on which knife you choose and the quantity needed.  We recommend getting in touch about holiday orders in October.  We are happy to work with you to find a product that meets your needs.
  • What's the return policy? Any unused product is accepted for return.  Engraved items are not eligible for return.
  • Is there a minimum price? There is no minimum order, but discounts start with orders of $1000

How to place an order?  

Contact us for recommendations, preferential pricing, engraving, gift wrap and lead times.

By Email:

By Phone: (855) 220-6671 from 10am - 7pm EST, Monday to Friday