Deba Japanese Chef Knives

Traditional Japanese deba knives have a thick spine and hefty weight, perfectly designed for butchering and fileting whole fish. 

Deba knives generally have a single bevel allowing them to cut the fish more precisely without damaging the flesh.. This makes them more desirable when compared to Western-style filet knives. 

The incredibly sharp blade is hand-forged from white or carbon steel by expert blacksmiths. Select a polished finish or the unpolished style of kurouchi for a rustic look. Choose blade lengths ranging from 5.3 to 7.1 inches. These kitchen knives also feature beautiful handles made from high quality yew, rosewood or magnolia wood.

While these are intended for right-hand use, we also offer yo-debas and Japanese-style fish knives that are 50/50 balanced, for both right and left-handed use, as well as left-hand specific options for sale. Additional left-handed deba options are available through special order.  

Order Japanese Knives

We offer deba knives in various steel options and price points to upgrade your cutlery. If you need help selecting a knife or information about special orders, please contact us directly. Shop our complete collection of deba chef knives made in Japan now!


  • Is Deba knife only for fish? Although designed for butchering fish, deba can also cut though soft joints like you would find in poultry, but avoid attempting to cut thicker hard bones.
  • Can you use a Deba knife for everything? As a heavy thick spined knife, the best use of a deba is for butchering fish.
  • Can you use a deba for vegetables?  For best results use an usuba, gyuto, petty, bunka or nakiri for cutting vegetables.