Handmade Bread Knives

Serrated Bread Slicer Knives

Use our Japanese bread knives to smoothly cut bread, cakes, and pastries.   

Our sharp bread knives are perfect for busy pastry kitchens that need to slice bread quickly and efficiently. Additionally, home cooks can also use them to cut through hard crusts and make uniform cuts for soft bread, sourdough, cake and more.  

These kitchen knives feature serrations to create clean cuts without crushing your cakes, pastries and bread.  

Our knives have beautiful, sturdy composite wood handles designed for durability and ergonomics.  We offer straight castella knives for sponge cakes, such as the molybdenum stainless steel Sakai Takayuki pastry knife and multi-purpose serrated blades, so you can use a high-quality knife that fits your preference. 

Choose from blade lengths ranging from 9.8 inches to 13 inches.

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