Honesuki Knives

Honesuki Boning Knives

Honesuki are the preferred chef knives  for efficiently de-boning and breaking down poultry or other meats. 

The triangular profile and sharp, pointed tip of this Japanese boning knife allow  for precise cutting along bones, and through cartilage and joints. 

These Japanese-style butcher knives have become popular among chefs and experienced home cooks, thanks to their nimbleness and sharp edge. This makes them the ideal knife for butchering poultry.

Our honesuki collection is hand-forged by some of Japan’s most revered blacksmiths.

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  • What is a Honesuki knife used for? Butchering poultry
  • What is Honesuki in Japanese? Honesuki derives its name from the Japanese phrase to pull bone.
  • What length is a Honesuki? Most honesukis are 145-150 cm or  5.5”
  • Is Honesuki single or double bevel? Most honesukis are single bevel for right handed use.
  • How thick is Honesuki spine?  Fairly thick, about 2mm on average.