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Honesuki Boning Knives

Honesuki are the preferred chef knives for efficiently de-boning and breaking down poultry or other meats. The triangular profile and sharp, pointed tip of this Japanese boning knife allow for precise cutting along bones. The thicker blade and large heel are useful for cutting through cartilage and joints.

These Japanese-style butcher knives have become popular among chefs and experienced home cooks, thanks to their nimbleness and sharp edge. This makes them the best boning knife for butchering poultry. And while the honesuki specializes in butchering chicken and other poultry, it’s also versatile enough to use for filleting fish, chopping beef, and dicing veggies.

Our honesuki collection is made up of high quality manufactured blades as well as knives  hand-forged by some of Japan’s most revered blacksmiths.

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Q: What is a Honesuki knife used for?

A: Butchering poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, quails and turkey.

Q: Can the Honesuki cut through bones?

A: No, do not use a honesuki to cut through bones. Most Japanese knives, even cleavers, are not designed to cut through bone, but these knives are perfect for soft joints and cartilage.

Q: What is Honesuki in Japanese?

A: Honesuki derives its name from the Japanese phrase to pull bone.

Q: What length is a Honesuki?

A: Most honesukis have a blade length of 145-150 cm or 5.7” to 5.9”. If you need a longer blade, consider a Gyuto instead.

Q: Is Honesuki single or double bevel?

A: Most honesukis are 70/30 or single bevel for right handed use, although some Japanese knife-makers offer 50/50 double-bevel blades for both right and left handed customers

Q: How thick is Honesuki spine?

A: Fairly thick, about 2mm on average.

Q: How do you care for a honesuki knife?

A: Keep a honesuki sharp with sharpening stone and not a honing steel. To clean the knife, wash carefully by hand and dry with a towel. Do not put quality knives in the dishwasher or it will wear the blade and wood handle.

Q: Are your honesuki knives made of stainless steel?

A: We carry several steel types that are classified as stainless steel, such as molybdenum, Inox, VG10.