Sujihiki Knives for Sale

Japanese sujihiki knives are made specifically for fileting meat and fish. This makes them an ideal choice for creating uniform slices of raw fish, roast meats and other proteins

Sujihiki knives tend to have a thinner blade and more narrow profile compared to western-style slicing knives. These Japanese kitchen knives are often made from harder steel and feature a double bevel, which can hold an edge longer. They also feature a beautiful wood handle for comfort in the hand.

These knives  are a great replacement for a carving knife, thanks to the steeper blade angles that reduces cellular damage to meat, preserving texture and flavor.

Choose from different blade lengths ranging from 9.4 inches to 10.6 inches.

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These slicers make a great addition to anyone’s cutlery collection. They can help improve the dishes of professional chefs and home cooks alike.

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