Tojiro Fujitora Knives

Tojiro Fujitora Knives

If you are searching for high-quality Japanese knives at a great price point that can retain their edge even though use in professional kitchens, consider our Tojiro Fujitora knives. 

These knives are well-loved by line cooks thanks to their affordable price and ability to get very sharp. These attributes also make them preferred by chefs when compared to other western style knives.

They are fitted with eco-wood handles that are strong, comfortable, and water-resistant. 

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Tojiro Fujitora Knives are available in a wide range of shapes including Japanese gyuto, petty, santoku, nakiri, sujihiki, honesuki and nakiri knives that perform very well in professional environments. 

To purchase a Tojiro chef knife set for your kitchen, browse our  large selection of cutlery made in Japan now!