Takeshi Saji Knives

Takeshi Saji Kitchen Knives

Saji Takeshi knives are the result of 40 years of expertise in blade crafting. Master Saji's kitchen knife collection is hammer forged using traditional methods of Echizen Uchi-Hamono, made famous in Saji's home of Takefu City (Fukui Prefecture). Master blacksmith and craftsman Saji Takeshi painstakingly hand-forges the SG2 Diamond Damascus line from high-technology powdered carbon steel. Takeshi’s handmade Japanese kitchen knives are thin behind the edge, with a slim blade profile from handle to tip. These super thin blades hold an edge extremely well and are fitted with gorgeous cow-bone handles. Saji’s Japanese knives are available in gyutou, petty, and sujihiki models. These are one-of-a-kind works of art that will last a lifetime. Shop the Saji Takeshi collection on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is powdered steel the same as stainless steel?

A: Not all powder-coated steel is stainless steel but Saji Takeshi’s knives are made from R2, which is a high-carbon powder-coated stainless steel. R2 is a super-steel comparable to steel types such as VG-10, Aogami Super (blue steel), and HAP40. It’s more durable than normal stainless steel, and the powder coating gives it an additional layer of protection.

Q: What knife should I choose?

A: Gyuto knives are multi-purpose and can be used for slicing, dicing, and cutting both meats and vegetables. Petty knives are small utility knives with 4” to 6” blades that are useful for precision cuts. Sujihiki is a slicer knife with a long, narrow blade designed for finely slicing meat.