Who We Are
Chubo philosophy
Roughly translated, Chubo means ‘restaurant kitchen’ in Japanese. Our goal is to provide products that can stand up to the rigors of professional kitchen use and can also be used by home cooks who are looking for the highest quality products available. We sincerely believe that Japanese cutlery and kitchenware is the best in the world and we are passionate about bringing the best of the best to cooks everywhere.  

Chubo brands
Our brand portfolio was carefully selected to offer the best cross section of well known as well as boutique Japanese knife makers. We believe that the brands on offer on our website have something for everyone. From the home chef to the professional chef, from those on a budget to those who are looking for that one of a kind piece.

Chubo ownership
Chubo was founded by Jeremy Watson, who has spent his career bringing together American and Japanese food culture. After working in Japan for several years and gaining a respect for the incredible food culture and craftsmanship there, Jeremy returned to the United States to pursue a career introducing Japanese knives and cookware to American customers. After spending the greater part of the last decade working in the hospitality and restaurant supply industry in New York City, Jeremy decided to found Chubo to bring the absolute best in Japanese cutlery and craftsmanship to anyone who likes to cook with the best possible tools.

Chubo promise to you
We strive to offer honest, hand crafted, quality products and exceptional customer service.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have and greatly enjoy building relationships with our customers!