Knife Sharpening Accessories

Shop our collection of knife sharpening accessories, including sharpening stones, stone sharpening bases/stone holders, stone fixers, rust erasers, knife oil, knife stands, bags and cases, cloths, sayas and sheaths.

The primary tool in a knife sharpening kit is the sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone. These stones, available in various materials (natural rock, silicon carbide, or aluminum oxide) and grits are specifically designed for each stage of the sharpening process. The right sharpening stone is vital and should align with both your knife's material and your proficiency.

For those with a broad range of cutlery, a comprehensive knife sharpening system is highly beneficial. Such a system typically includes multiple sharpening stones, which provide a one-stop solution to maintain a sharp edge on your knives.

Well-sharpened and maintained kitchen knives not only improve performance but also prolongs the lifespan of the tool. Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef, a sharp knife is an invaluable asset.


Q: Are all sharpening stones created equal?

A: No, sharpening stones vary in terms of grit, material, and size. Extra coarse stones are designed for repair work and reviving very dull blades, some stones are designed for touch-ups, and others are meant for polishing.

Q: How can I achieve a polished finish on my knife?

A: After sharpening a chef knife on a stone, it’s recommended to use either a polishing stone or a leather strop. Polishing stones range from #2000 to #6000 fine grit, and for even more polish, you can find stones as high as #20000 grit. Our polishing stones are a great way to remove any residual burrs and polish the blade's edge. 

Q: What is the role of honing in knife sharpening?

A: Honing is used to keep a straight edge after a blade becomes fatigued. Using honing rods is a personal preference, but many experts feel that honing rods should not be used on Japanese knives because Japanese knives are made of hard steel and have fine edges, which are more easily damaged by honing rods.