Yu Kurosaki Knives

Yu Kurosaki Knives

Hand-crafted by celebrated blacksmith Yu Kurosaki, these knives are known for their exceptional performance. Kurosaki-san works out of Takefu Knife Village in Japan. 

His expert knife-making abilities produce knives that are known for their high-quality fit and finish. They feature incredible blade designs and are finished with beautiful polished rosewood handles.

Thanks to expert forging and sharpening, they hold an edge very well. 

Shop a Variety of Kitchen Knives by Kurosaki

Browse our collection of handmade Japanese chef knives available in a range of sizes and shapes for all the tasks in your kitchen. 

We offer the Yu Kurosaki R2 Shizuku, AS Shizuku and AS lines. Select from gyuto, bunka, nakiri, sujihiki, and petty knives made by craftsman Yu Kurosaki. 

Buy these elegant Japanese knives to improve your cooking experience now!