Shibata Kotetsu Knives

Shibata Knives for Sale

The unique blade shape and design of Shibata Kotetsu knives are easy to recognize among other Japanese knife styles. 

Takayuki Shibata is one of Japan’s most sought-after sharpeners and he works with top blacksmiths in the Takefu Knife Village. 

Expert knife sharpening skills give these knives an extremely sharp edge that maintains edge retention through many cuts. The custom handles are made from jarrah wood for comfort while cooking. You can always trust the superior knife-making expertise of Shibata-Kotetsu.

Chubo carries Shibata’s SG2 Kotetsu line, which features high-technology powdered steel and a uniquely angled tip named after Japan’s iron ships. 

At Chubo we also carry Shibata’s Aogami Super line and other small production, limited- edition knives. Chefs and home cooks alike love Shibata Kotetsu kitchen knives for their extreme sharpness, lightweight hand feel, and beautiful finishing.