Takamura Chef Knives

Takamura Chef Knives for sale

Takamura is considered one of the top Japanese knife-crafting workshops in the world, and a pioneer in the industry for their use of powdered steel.  

These Japanese chef knives feature super thin, extremely sharp,  powdered steel blades with steep grind angles.   They can hold an edge for a long time, making them popular with chefs worldwide. . 

Each knife is hand sharpened to ensure top-notch sharpness right out of the box. These Japanese knives also feature a beautiful wood handle for balance and comfort. 

Choose from several knife shapes including petty, santoku and gyuto.  Select from various blade lengths ranging from 5.1” to 8.2”.

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Add these top-performing knives to your cutlery collection for improved cooking. Shop our collection of Takamura knives made in Japan! 


  • Are Takamura knives handmade? Yes, the Takamura Family handles every step of the knife making process.
  • Where are Takamura knives made? Takamura knives are made in Takefu Village, Echizen Fukui Japan.
  • What does Takamura mean in Japanese? Takamura is the family name of this second generation workshop.