Reasons Japanese Knives Are Ideal for Professional Chefs

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In the world of kitchen knives, there are few countries with a history of crafting blades (and before that, swords) as rich as Japan. More and more professional chefs are choosing these blades over those from Germany, France, and other countries. There are many different reasons why chefs feel so passionately about their favorite cutting tools. Here are four reasons Japanese knives are ideal for professional chefs.

Metal Composition

The first thing that sets Japanese knives apart from their contemporaries is the metal composition of the blade. Japanese steel is harder and typically forged thinner for better edge retention and more precise cutting.

Weight and Blade Thickness

Another reason many chefs prefer Japanese kitchen knives is the weight and thickness of the blades. While traditional European style blades are thicker and heavier, Japanese knives are typically thinner and lighter and have excellent balance, making them comfortable in the hand over long hours of use.


If there is one thing Japanese kitchen knives are known for, it’s how sharp they can get. Thanks to the techniques perfected over centuries of knife-making, Japanese blades tend to come out of the box extremely sharp and retain their edge much longer than other options. The fact that they require sharpening less frequently is one of the biggest reasons Japanese knives are ideal for professional chefs. Plus, the less often you have to sharpen a knife, the longer its’ lifespan will be. 

Blade Angle

The final thing that really separates Japanese kitchen knives is the angle of the blade. Japanese cutting knife edges are ground at a much steeper angle. This allows the knife to effortlessly slice through most ingredients with ease. Ease of use again creates less fatigue over long hours of use.

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