How to Order a Left-Handed Knife

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Traditional / Singled Edged Knives

Traditional single-edged Japanese knives like yanajis, usubas and debas were previously only available for right-handed users.  Historically in Japan, left-handedness was discouraged in children and therefore everyone was essentially right-handed by adulthood.  Due to increasing requests from abroad most knifemakers will make left-handed knives by special order and some are produced regularly.  We currently stock left handed knives in our Kitaoka line and Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi yanagis and debas will be coming shortly.

As you may know, left-handed knives are generally more expensive than the right-handed versions.  This is due to the fact that blacksmiths forge in batches and it’s more labor intensive and time consuming to deviate from their usual process.  The upcharge for left-handed knives starts at 30%, lead times vary by manufacturer.

Hybrid Knives

For knives that have a balance of 70/30 special orders for left-handed users are also available from the following manufacturers.  

Misono will produce a left-handed knife at the time of production for an additional $25. Lead times vary.

Left-handed Glestain Knives are available at the time of production for an additional 30%.  Lead times vary. 

Chubo Inox knives can be reprofiled for left-handed use for $25 and add two weeks to delivery time.

How to order

Send an email to 

Payment is due at the time of order and special order knives are not returnable or refundable.

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