So You Want To Have Your Knife Engraved?

Posted by Amanda Delatorre on

Engraved kitchen knives make wonderful gifts for yourself or a friend. Names, initials, dates or a significant word or phrase leave a personal impression on the knife. If you want to have your knife engraved, here is everything you need to know. 

Knife Makers That Do Engraving 

If you want to purchase a knife that is engravable, you will need to choose a knife maker that offers this service. Currently we are able to do engravings for Chubo, Glestain, Kazan, Kitaoka, Makoto, Masamoto, Matsubara, Misono, Sakai Takayuki, Shibata, Takamura, and Yu Kurosaki. 

Costs for Engraving

The cost for engraving will depend on the content and whether the text is in English or Japanese Kanji, but it starts at $15.  We will confirm the price when you start the order. 

Engraving Requests

To request engraving, send a quick email to info@chuboknives.comLet us know what you would like to purchase—whether it is a single knife or a Japanese chef knife set from our collection—and what you want the engraving to say. We will then get started on your order right away.

Time and Returns

Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks lead time to complete your personalized engraving.  At the time of your order, we can provide a more accurate timeline.  Please note that engraved knives are not eligible for refund or return.

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