How to Use Kitchen Knives Safely

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Cutting ingredients is a foundational part of cooking, so you should know how to use them safely. Learn some helpful tips you can apply to avoid injury.

Almost all recipes start with cutting up ingredients, so naturally cooking involves knife use. Learning to use knives safely can help you avoid injuries as you practice and refine your cooking techniques.

Curl Your Fingers

Whichever hand you use to hold your ingredients in place as you cut them can be in danger of coming in contact with the blade when you chop rapidly. Protect your fingertips by curling them inward and out of the way should you lose control of the knife. This claw grip can help you keep the ingredients from shifting. If you do touch your fingers with the knife, it won’t hit them directly as it would if they were lying flat. The worst you might do is graze a knuckle or two.

Sharpen Your Knives

Blunt edges on knives are one of the major causes of injuries in the kitchen. When you use a blunt knife you must apply more force to slice through ingredients. As you struggle to make cuts, the knife is more likely to slip. This can, of course, lead to you hurting yourself, and any people or objects nearby. Take the time to perform maintenance on your knife every so often so that its edge is sharp enough to glide through ingredients.

Create a Flat Ingredient Base

Fruits and vegetables are sometimes round in shape, making it easy for them to move around when you are trying to cut them. A good trick to stabilize an ingredient is to create a flat base, before chopping begins. For example, if you are cutting a potato, you should first cut into two halves. Then, lay the resulting flat sides on the cutting board. You have a stable foundation from which to work by utilizing this technique.

Using high-quality knives can improve your cutting accuracy when combined with the safety tips above. If you are ready to upgrade your kitchen tools, start with all purpose gyutou chef knives and santoku chef knives from Chubo. Featuring super sharp out of the box edges and easy maintenance will ensure you get a lot of use out of them.

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