Sakai Takayuki

Sakai Takayuki Japanese knives are renowned worldwide for their quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and cutting precision. These knives are more than just a tool; they are a testament to the Japanese tradition of excellence in blade-making, each being meticulously handmade by masters of the craft in one of the most important knife crafting centers in Japan.

This extensive range of cutlery features a variety of kitchen knives, including the all-purpose Gyuto chef knife, as well as Deba, Kiritsuke, Santoku, Nakiri, Usuba, Yanagiba, and Bunka knives, perfect for a multitude of tasks in the kitchen. These masterpieces are all fashioned using a unique blend of traditional and innovative techniques designed for professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts alike.

Whether you're finely chopping vegetables with a Nakiri vegetable knife, slicing through meat with a Sujihiki slicer knife, or dicing ingredients with a Gyuto knife, Sakai Takayuki knives make every cut a joy. For those smaller, more delicate tasks, consider our collection of Petty knives. Sakai Takayuki also produces several boning knives, such as the Honesuki, Garasuki, and Hankotsu. And Sakai Takayuki cleavers are a great option when in the market for a Chinese Cleaver.


Q: What makes a handmade Sakai Takayuki knife different from other knives? 

A: Handmade Sakai Takayuki knives are made by seasoned artisans in Japan. World-renowned craftsmen, such as Itsuo Doi, Mitsuo Yamatsuka and Kenji Togashi, work with Sakai Takayuki and carry on generations of knife-making techniques and expertise.

Q: Which Sakai Takayuki knife type should I choose for general kitchen use?

A: The Gyuto chef knife is an excellent all-rounder for various cutting tasks. If you cook a wide range of dishes and can only choose one knife, the Gyuto is a great choice.  Sakai Takayuki 33 Layer Damascus Collection is one of our best sellers and makes an excellent gift for all levels of cook.

Q: What steel types do you carry from Sakai Takayuki? Are they stainless steel?

A: Stainless options from Sakai Takayuki include VG10, AUS10, Molybdenum, Aogami Super, Inox and Ginsan (Silver 3).  In carbon steel we have Sakai Takayuki knives made from Blue #2, Yasuki White Steel, White #2 and White #1, 

Q: What is the difference between 33 Layer Damascus and 45 Layer Damascus in constructing Damascus steel knives?

A: The difference refers to the varying complexity of the forging process and the layering of the steel used to create the knives. 33 Layer Damascus and 45 Layer Damascus knives are made by folding and hammering different steels 33 and 45 times, respectively, creating distinct, intricate patterns and enhanced strength.