Yakitori Barbecue Konro - 31cm x 23cm


Yakitori Barbecue Konro - 31cm x 23cm


Made in Japan out of a porous clay, the Yakitori Barbecue Konro traps charcoal heat and focuses it upward. This results in a great char and juicy interior for all types of proteins and vegetables. Typically used in Japan for grilling yakitori and other skewered foods, this Konro is big enough to grill larger format proteins like steaks.

We recommend using binchotan charcoal with this grill for best results.

* Includes grill net

* Dimensions: 12.25" x 9" x 7.9" ht (31cm x 23cm x 20cm ht)

* Weight: 7kg (15.4 lbs) 

* Handle on each side for portability