Sakai Takayuki White #2 Hankotsu 150mm (5.9")

Sakai Takayuki

Sakai Takayuki White #2 Hankotsu 150mm (5.9")


Sakai Takayuki Tokujo White #2

Tokujo -- meaning 'superior' is one of Sakai Takayuki's highest rank of knives. This series is hand-forged from White #2 by Master blacksmith Kenji Togashi in the kasumi method. These knives are masterfully ground with polished choils and a beautiful kasumi finish created with a natural stone slurry. The blades go through additional tempering, cooling and hammering steps to ensure maximum sharpness and blade strength. Master Sharpener Norikatsu Nishimura creates the edges completely by hand, using a combination of wheels and sharpening stones. They get extremely sharp while maintaining the durability of a hankotsu.

Why we love them: For this knife, Togashi-san transformed a hankotsu, which is normally a western-style boning knife with a flat back, into a full on traditional Sakai-style single-bevel knife. Rare to find a completely single-edged hankotsu, it's a specialty knife, that does its job of butchering extremely well.

Please note: This knife is made from carbon steel, which gets incredibly sharp and is easy to sharpen but requires additional maintenance. This knife should be kept clean and dry at all times and oiled when not in use for an extended amount of time. Carbon knives can be reactive with high acid foods.

*These knives are single edged and are for right handed users. Please contact us for pricing on left handed models.


Handle material Magnolia Wood
Blade length 150 (5.9")
Spine thickness above heel
5 mm
Blade height at heel
41 mm
Hardness (Rockwell scale) 60

Use & Care

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Do not cut frozen foods
  • Use a sharpening stone, not a honing steel, to re-sharpen your Japanese chef knives