Makoto Kurosaki SG2 Petty 135mm (5.3")

Makoto Kurosaki

Makoto Kurosaki SG2 Petty 135mm (5.3")

Makoto Kurosaki is an exceptionally talented blacksmith working in Takefu Knife Village.  His eponymous line of lasers features ultra thin, hammer-forged blades made of SG2 powdered steel, known for excellent edge retention and stain resistance.  Clad in the san mai style where softer metal is glad to the harder core for ease of sharpening.  
Handles and bolsters are crafted from beautiful sakura wood.


Handle material Sakura (Cherry)
Blade length 135mm  (5.1")
Thickness at spine  1.7 mm
Thickness at tip  1.6 mm
Hardness (Rockwell scale) 62-63
Bevel / Edge
Double (50/50)
Weight  4.5 oz / 128 grams

Use & Care

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Do not cut frozen foods
  • Use a sharpening stone, not a honing steel, to re-sharpen your Japanese chef knives