Magnolia Kengata Gyutou Saya  195mm (7.7")


Magnolia Kengata Gyutou Saya 195mm (7.7")


Magnolia Sayas / Knife Sheaths*

 Sayas are hand crafted out of Japanese magnolia and are the best way to ensure your knives are well protected. The wood cover will protect your blade from damage as well as absorb any excess moisture left on the knife. These no pin type of sayas fit snugly on the knife and will not slide off. Sheaths are the ideal storage solution whether you are transporting your knives to and from work or storing them in your kitchen at home.

*We highly recommend purchasing a saya and knife at the same time so we can hand fit them for you. *The wood sayas we carry fit the knives we sell but may not fit other brands.