Kazan HAP40 Hammered Two Piece Set

Chef's Knife

Kazan HAP40

We developed the Kazan line in partnership with a steel maker in Kansai, Japan.  HAP40 is a powdered steel blend featuring high levels of Vanadium, Molybdenum, Cobalt and Tungsten, resulting in a semi-stainless blade with exceptional edge retention.  Despite the incredible hardness of the blade, they are responsive to sharpening on whetstones.  

Kazan features a hammered tsuchime finish, which prevents food from sticking to the blade.  It's medium weight and has a comfortable gray wood handle.  The blade is hand sharpened on several stones for great out the box sharpness.  Kazan is made exclusively for Chubo.

Save 10% off the regular price of $380 when buying as a set.

Set includes:

Gyutou 210mm (8.2") x 1 and Petty 150mm (5.9") x 1


Handle material Pressed Wood
Blade length 210mm (8.2") / 150 mm (5.9")
Thickness at spine 2 mm
Thickness at tip 0.7 mm
Hardness (Rockwell scale) 65 to 66
Edge / Bevel
Double (70/30)

Use & Care

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Do not cut frozen foods
  • Use a sharpening stone, not a honing steel, to re-sharpen your Japanese chef knives

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