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"Chubo left a strong impression after Jeremy's first vist to Hawai. More than an amazing inventory of knives and knowlege on the subject, it's the passion they put into what they do. That love made me a fan for life."

-Mark Noguchi, Co-Founder of the Pili Group

"Thoughtfully sourced quality and the personal touches even as simple as a note dropped in your box thanking you! Those are the reasons I choose to support Chubo."

-Erik Anderson, Co-Chef and Owner of Grand

"From sourcing the finest craftsmen to delivering the final product, Chubo's uncompromising standards and attention to detail are the best I have encountered anywhere."

-Chef Paul Liebrandt

"Working with Chubo, I have found the sheer level of service and care they put into their knives unparalleled. Chubo introduced me to craftsman Takeda's knives and it changed my life. Just a perfect attachment to my hand. The weight, balance and ease of maintenance are amazing. Like a razor blade every time."

-Chris Shepherd, Chef Owner of Underbelly

"Chubo feels like part of our family. They work with as much urgency, service and care as we put into the business ourselves. They treat our business with the same level of attention that they treat their own. Aside from great quality product (and it truly is), they also get us access to stuff no one else can get us."

-Aaron Silverman, Chef Owner, Rose's Luxury + Pineapples and Pearls

"I really appreciate the way Chubo is always looking for new knife makers to work with. They have the understanding that cooks can't always afford extremely high end knives but still want to work with exceptional product."

-Jeremiah Stone, Chef and Co-Owner of Contra and Wildair

"When looking for knives you want honesty and quality and Chubo delivers every time. You don't just feel like a customer with Chubo, their care and attention to detail make you feel like family."

-Chef Matthew Lightner

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