Takeda Knives

Takeda Knives

Takeda knives are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and quality, completely handmade, featuring unique designs from high-grade steel. Takeda knives cater to professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, offering a range of styles including chef's knives, slicers, vegetable knives and cleavers, each known for its sharpness and durability.

These incredibly thin blades are expertly hand-forged from carbon steel by third-generation master blacksmith, Shosui Takeda in Okayama, Japan. 

Available with or without stainless-steel cladding, these blades get incredibly sharp and hold an edge for a very long time even through heavy use. Choose from gyuto, nakiri, honesuki, bunka, petty, and more.

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These highly sought-after kitchen knives make the perfect addition to any cutlery collection. Waiting lists are often long for Takeda chef knives due to very limited production.  Shop now or sign up for a stock alert to be notified when a particular size or shape becomes available.