Misono Swedish Carbon Gyutou 240mm (9.4")
Misono Swedish Carbon Gyutou 240mm (9.4")


Misono Swedish Carbon Gyutou 240mm (9.4")


Misono Carbon 

The carbon steel line from Misono offers outstanding performance. Made from the highest quality, purest carbon steel to ensure the sharpest edge and best edge retention, these knives are also easy to re-sharpen. The strengthened wood handle protects against water damage and each knife is hand sharpened by Misono artisans to ensure maximum sharpness.

*Carbon steel is not rust resistant and requires special care. Dry your knife completely after use and avoid cutting high acid foods to prevent oxidation.



Handle material Wood composite
Blade length 240 mm (9.4")
Thickness at spine 2.3 mm
Thickness at tip 0.6 mm
Hardness (Rockwell scale) 60

Use & Care

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Do not cut frozen foods
  • Use a sharpening stone, not a honing steel, to re-sharpen your Japanese chef knives