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The Japanese kitchen is a place where families can come together, socialize and strengthen their bonds. Food is a way people can share their culture with others and kitchens are the focus point that brings everyone together. To prepare traditional Japanese food you need the best Japanese kitchenware to help create an experience your house guests will savor. 

Essential Japanese Cookware

If you’re looking to prepare Japanese cuisine regularly there are some staples you should have around the kitchen. We’ll cover the essentials to get started here. First, you’ll want a great chef’s knife, cutting board and a carbon steel skillet that can go between the range and oven without any issues. 

Next, if you want the best flavor for your Japanese-style dishes, some must-have cookware essentials include cooking chopsticks, sauce brushes and a copper or stainless steel grater. All of our cookware is beautifully crafted in Japan, designed perfectly for tasks which create unique tastes and texture through  a more precise cooking experience.  

Finally, when presentation is important, consider a pair of plating chopsticks to put the finishing touches on an exquisite meal.

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  • What is the most used utensil in Japan?  Since rice is included in almost every meal, most kitchens will have a rice cooker.
  • What is in a traditional Japanese kitchen?  Japanese meals focus on several small dishes, so you can find dishware in a larger range of shapes and sizes than in the typical western kitchen.  Sharp knives with an appropriate cutting board are essential.  
  • What do I absolutely need in a Japanese kitchen?  The one item that you can’t do much without in any kitchen, Japan or otherwise, is a good quality, sharp all purpose chef’s knife.