Kitaoka Knives

Kitaoka knives make butchering fish easier and more enjoyable. This is one of the most sought-after chef’s knives worldwide.

For over 30 years, master blacksmith Hideo Kitaoka has been crafting high-quality knives in the Takefu Knife Village. 

His deba knives are forged from Aogami #2 blue steel and are uniquely stocked in both left-handed and right-handed styles. 

These single-bevel knives are razor-sharp and durable; plus, they have excellent edge retention. The functional, beautiful rosewood handles are comfortable in the hand. 

These authentic Japanese kitchen knives have a range of blade lengths from 150mm to 180mm. 

Order Japanese Knives Online

Hand-forged in Japan, these knives make a great addition to any cutlery collection. Easily order online to add one of these high-quality carbon steel Kitaoka knives to your kitchen.