Gyutou Chef’s Knife

 Japanese Gyuto Knives

Japanese gyuto knives are the most popular and versatile type of Japanese cutting knife for both professional chefs and home cooks. 

With blade lengths ranging in size from 7-10”, they are similar in shape and function to a typical all-purpose European chef’s knife. 

Compared to European-made chef’s  knives, Japanese gyuto blades are thinner along the spine, and are made from harder varieties of steel, which can hold a better edge and stay sharp longer. 

These multi-purpose knives also feature  wood handles in a variety of finishes for comfort in the hand. 

Japanese kitchen knives are designed to stand up to the rigors of use in professional kitchens and we guarantee they will perform for years in any cooking environment.

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Japan is known for hand-forging the highest-quality knives and these will become the most valuable tools in your kitchen.

Order these incredibly sharp knives made from high carbon steel or stainless steel. Choose from different types of steel such as VG10, damascus, aogami super, blue, white, and more.

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