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Japanese Coffeeware for Sale

For coffee lovers that appreciate thoughtful design and great tasting pours, browse our selection of pour over kettles, coffee grinders, Nel drip pots, drip stations and french presses. Each item in our coffeeware collection is chosen with design as much as function in mind. We carry only premium Hario products that are eco-friendly, dishwasher safe and designed to produce delicious results every time. 

Starting with our Hario Buono Kettle, the design controls the water pour to help you cover your coffee grounds evenly, extracting the full flavor of the coffee beans. Next, consider our clear coffee burr grinder that can produce fine coffee grinds for espresso, or more coarse grinds for the french press. Burr grinders are considered superior over blade grinders because they produce a consistent high quality coffee taste. 

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Whether you’re looking for kettles, grinders or range servers Chubo Knives has the Japanese coffeeware accessories you’re looking for to create your next cup of delicious coffee. Shop our complete collection now!