Why You Should Learn to Use a Sharpening Stone

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When you get serious about cooking and want to add to your kitchenware collection, it’s a good idea to put some research into knives for your collection.  Investing in higher quality knives will help you get the best results while preparing food and make cooking more enjoyable.   Once you have a great knife, careful maintenance becomes important. The most important thing you can do to keep your knives performing great is to learn to use a sharpening stone.

What is Sharpening?

First, let’s define what sharpening is compared to honing.  Honing, which is done on a rod can  realign your knife’s edge for short term improvement. This is a reason why it’s popular for cooks in  restaurants who need quick solutions to improve their edges throughout the work day.  To really sharpen a knife, you need to remove material to create a new edge.  When done properly, sharpening can give you even better results than a new knife out of the box.  

Possible Sharpening Methods

How frequently your knives need to be sharpened will depend on use, but sharpening is irreplaceable for keeping your knives performing to the top of their ability. Some people are hesitant to start sharpening and opt for an electric sharpening tool. These can take away some of the guesswork of maintaining your blade angles, but since they do not offer much control, they can lead to too much metal coming off the blade, which may lead to damage. 

If you know a skilled professional knife sharpener, outsourcing your sharpening can be a good option, but depending on your schedule and distance it can be inconvenient and expensive when you must do it on a regular basis.

If you use your knives on a regular basis, the best option is to get familiar with a sharpening stone. This tool requires a little patience and practice, but once you learn how to use it, it is an incredibly useful skill.  With a sharpening stone, you carefully run a knife’s blade across the stone’s surface to refresh the cutting edge

The Sharpening Stone’s Advantage

Sharpening stones are really essential for individuals who are serious about taking care of their knives.  Once you learn the skill, you will be able to sharpen all kinds of kitchen knife and other tools.  After an initial investment, sharpening stones will last many years.  Also, when you are in full control of the sharpening process, you can fine-tune your knives to the precise angles that work for you.  Sharpening is a slow process and errors can be adjusted.  Many people find the process of using a sharpening stone relaxing and enjoyable too.

With a little attention and knowledge, you can be prepared to handle the investment of Japanese knives.  You can find a range of sharpening stones and care videos on our website.  From Japanese petty knives to Japanese vegetable knives, Chubo Knives has options in every shape and size.  Learn more in our Ultimate Guide to Japanese Kitchen Knives.

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