What Is a Boning Knife and What Is It Used For?

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No matter what task is at hand, having a tool specifically designed to perform the job will generally improve your result, and in the kitchen this is especially true.  For removing the skin, gristle and bones from quarters and large cuts of meat and poultry, there is no better option than a boning knife. This guide will explain in detail what a boning knife is and what it is used for.

Boning Knife Basics

The thing that makes Japanese boning-knives like honesuki so effective at their job is the sharp blade, sturdy spine, triangular shape and pointed tip. This blade makes it perfect for slicing your way through tissue and ligaments to separate cuts of meat.  A boning knife can efficiently break down pieces with less waste. 

Blade Designs

There are a handful of Japanese designs that are used for butchery and boning. Knowing what a boning knife is and what it is used for can help you determine which Japanese boning knife is best for you.

  • honesuki - a triangular shaped blade developed for butchering chickens this knife can efficiently cut through poultry joints, remove bones and tendons.
  • garasuki - a larger version of a honesuki that is great for boning out larger cuts like lamb or pork shoulders.
  • hankotsu - a more compact boning knife particularly useful for use with large cuts suspended from above.
  • kogatana - a small blade good for detailed work like removing silverskin and tendons.
  • slicer/sujihiki - not to be used for boning but great for carving roast meats or slicing for carpaccio and other precise preparations.

At Chubo Knives, we understand how essential it is to have the right tools in the kitchen.  Our selection of Japanese boning and Japanese butcher knives will make breaking down cuts of meat and butchering to your specifications a breeze.  

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