Essential Sharpening Series Videos

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Professional chef and sharpening enthusiast Eduardo Castro Estrada helped us put together a video guide for each of his essential knife sharpening steps.

Step 1:

Choosing a stone.

Step 2:

Soaking your stones.

Step 3:

How to hold knives for sharpening.

Step 4:

Establishing an angle.



Step 5:

Creating and removing a burr.

Step 6:

Moving on to a finer grit.

Step 7:


Step 8:

Flattening and fixing stones.

About Eduardo Castro Estrada

Known amongst knife nuts on instagram as @jakkonoise, Eduardo lives in Morelia Michocan Mexico.  He began cooking when he was 15.  A culinary school graduate, he has worked in restaurants and hotels, but loves catering large events and cooking privately.  He first got interested in sharpening stones after ruining some of his first knives with a ‘pull through’ sharpening device.  Since then he became literally obsessed with sharpening.  Find him on instagram and you’ll be amazed at the edges he’s able to put on all kinds of knives.


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