All the Knives You Need for Your Wedding Registry

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We’re all familiar with the block of 12 or so knives that lives on many kitchen counters.  Many of us view knives as an investment, and what better way to acquire them than when creating a wedding registry. Out of those 12 or so knives, how many are really used regularly?  Here we’ll explain the most essential knives to include in a wedding registry.  

Chef’s Knife

When people ask us to recommend a knife for a gift, the go to is a chef’s knife.  Our most popular size is 8.2” and is great for many kitchen tasks.  For cutting vegetables and meat and general kitchen prep. If you only were to have one knife, this would be the most versatile.

Petty Knife

Next up for usefulness in the kitchen is a petty knife.  A 5 or 6” petty or utility knife is essential for cutting small fruits and vegetables and for detailed cutting work like herbs and mushrooms.  Petty knives are a great size for julienning ginger or cutting scallions and slicing cheese.


Slicing knives are a great addition to a knife collection if you cook lots of protein.  Slicers are the perfect tool to thinly slice roast or grilled meats or to create portions of fish for sushi or crudo.


Square and sturdy, a nakiri is very useful if you cook a lot of hard produce like potatoes and other root vegetables.  There is truly no better knife than a nakiri for opening pumpkins and other hard skinned squashes. Also perfect for splitting watermelons.  


A Japanese boning knife, or honesuki is shaped quite differently than a typical western one.  The sharp angle of the blade and pointed tip is ideal for separating meat from bone, for slicing through soft joints like those found in chicken and for cutting thigh or breast meat into even cubes.  A honesuki is a great addition for cooks that use a lot of poultry.

Bread Knife

Although any knife that is sharp enough can be a bread knife, it helps to have a long serrated knife on hand to cut bread. Using long strokes like you would with a saw, helps to create clean slices of bread without crushing the softer interior.

We often get asked about knife sets, and although most of our customers are professional chefs who add knives to their collection one by one, we do offer several combinations that can help grow your collection quickly. Consider placing Chubo’s Japanese Kitchen Knives on your registry.

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